Windshield Repairs

How It Works

The first step in repairing a windshield is to assess the damage.

Types of windshield damage fall into two basic categories - chips or cracks. Cracks are normally the expansion of a previous chip but can also be caused by stress between the glass and the frame of your vehicle. Windshield chips take many shapes and some of the most common breaks can be seen in more detail to the right.

After the damaged has been assessed, the next step is to completely clear the damaged area of debris. With the area clean, windshield repair resin is forced into the damaged area until all the voids are filled. Heat is applied to the repair resin to begin the curing process. After curing between 20 and 45 minutes (depending on the damage), your good-as-new windshield is ready for the road. Learn more about safe windshield repairs and safe drive away times on our Windshield Repair Safety page.

Insurance Inforamtion

Do You Have "Approved" Insurance?

Does a FREE Windshield Repair Sound Good?

If you have comprehensive coverage on your automobile it is possible that there will be no charge for your windshield repair. Many major insurance companies offer the incentive for “NO COST, NO DEDUCTIBLE” windshield repair with comprehensive coverage.

If you're not sure if you qualify, contact L&J Windshield Repair and we will verify your coverage.

Insurance companies offer this incentive for various reasons:

  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR saves significant money compared to a replacement.
  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR helps keep policy premiums down.
  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR is a safer alternative when possible.
  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR restores the original windshield to like-new quality.
  • WINDSHIELD REPAIR eliminates problems associated with replacements.

More Value

Premium Services With EVERY Repair

Mobile Service

You don't have to meet us at our shop to get your windhield repaired. We'll come to you at home or work and repair the damage when its convenient for you.

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Windshield Safety

We take you and your passengers' safety seriously. We use premium materials in all our repairs and only allow qualified technicians to work on the vehicle.

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The L & J Difference

Unlike many shops in the Montgomery area, windshield repair is all we do. Don't worry, we'll never try to talk you into a replacement when a repair will suffice.

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Schedule Online

Schedule your repair online. Just send us some basic information and we'll contact you to schedule your windshield repair at a time that fits your schedule.

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