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At L & J Windshield, our customers ALWAYS come first.

At L & J Windshield Repair, we specialize in windshield repair. Since windshield repairs are all we do, we will never suggest a windshield replacement over a repair unless absolutely necessary. The windshield repair process is a time-tested method of extending the life of your windshield. Advancements in windshield repair technology make it possible to repair almost any crack or chip.

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At L & J Windshield Repair, we strive to provide the fastest and most reliable windshield repair service in the greater Montgomery, Alabama area. We are ready to be dispatched to your location at a moment's notice. Once on site, we are happy to provide as much information as you like about the windshield repair process or how the repair resin works. In the event that your windshield has been damaged beyond repair, your L & J Windshield Repair technician will suggest you have your windshield replaced. This is done for your safety as a severely damaged windshield can pose a very serious safety hazard. This is the only reason your repair technician would suggest a replacement.

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Common Repair Questions

Can My Windshield Be Repaired?

The longer you wait, the more time the damage has to spread; and it will. Small changes in temperature, additional impacts from road debris and small bumps in the road will eventually cause that small chip to spread. If left untreated for too long, you may have to replace the entire windshield.

If your windshield has multiple impacts (5 or more deep chips), the glass usually cannot be repaired safely as the damage is to extensive. Other situations that leave a windshield irreparable include:

  • Cracks over 6" long
  • Chips that pennetrate the glass, leaving a hole
  • An area on the windshield that has already been repaired

How Do Windshield Repairs Work?

When your windshield is damaged, the impact causing a chip or crack actually removes glass from the windshield. This loss of material is what you perceive as the chip or crack. The windshield repair process is NOT designed to eliminate the damage. The process makes the damaged area invisible to the naked eye but, more importantly, prevents the damage from spreading. It is this preventative measure that makes windsahield repairs a time-tested, reliable way to extend the life of your windshield.

In addition to preventing additional cracking, the repair also restores clarity, reduces added glare, and, let's face it, just looks better! Want to know how the repair process works? Learn more here.

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